About Us

ROBES is based on high street fashion consisting of aesthetic women clothing with western fits. ROBES works on the basis of pure creativity with distinctive ideas.

The fusion of the heavenly printed fabrics with their premium quality has led to the emergence of an exemplary brand designated as ROBES. Along with capturing the latest trends and providing at your doorstep, we make sure you go easy on your wallets since we believe looking classy is every women’s right regardless of their classes. Whether it be a formal or casual wear, ROBES can qualify to make its place in the top of your shopping list. Compromising on quality is not our thing therefore we assure our customers with topnotch quality in minimal designs.


It is actually quite unexpected how I am writing this story, THE STORY OF ROBES. Me being one of the members of the Team ROBES would love to tell you how all of this started and how we have gotten so far in such a short span of time.

It’s the story of the family members who luckily strengthened their relationship due to Covid-19. Well, as we all know Covid-19 gave us such a hard time but we can’t deny the fact how it has brought positive changes in some aspects at the same time. If it wasn’t for the virus, we would be probably sitting on a couch with a blank mind and a normal daily routine just like any other person.

Being in the same house we all got time to share our ideas on different stuff and its astounding how we all reached to the point that all of our young minds have creative ideas, different potential and skills, that if combined, we would make a great team! We concluded to the point that we all love to wear trendy and aesthetic clothes which are not easily available or just don’t go with your style. Yes! That was the moment where we decided to upgrade our collection with fits irresistible to wear.

At first we just started off with a shop in Karachi and a basic online page for prets of different brands so that people could buy conveniently. However, after receiving an overwhelming response and the appreciation of customers for our customer service we changed our mind to enhance the beauty of dressing the comfiest outfits and bring the high street fashion in Pakistan. The urge of exploring this field got us launching the brand and since the first day of our brand launch, we have received a boundless response which has gotten us immense success and a reason to feel motivated. I don’t know if we’d say it is funny but all we are left to talk about is…ROBES. Wherever we go the work is always on our mind and relate almost everything with the business. We would not have gotten so far if any one of us wasn’t passionate enough. The result of working tirelessly is now in front of you and we aim to bring the best fits you can wear and be proud of having them in your wardrobe.